For the thousands of people in our community who suffer needlessly from depression or anxiety (and for those who love them) . . .

Nature Knows Best

The NATURAL MIND Process Combines
the Best of Nature & Science To Heal
Depression, Anxiety, & ADD

Did you know?

  • Worry that goes beyond reason increases the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic health problems. The same goes for depression, also known to weaken the immune system—even cause cancer.
  • Depression is an epidemic in these times, striking children, teens and adults worldwide.
  • Anxiety and panic attacks can fuel fatigue, chest pains, dizziness, headaches, and difficulty swallowing or breathing.
  • Depression can make the body hurt, and can worsen the symptoms of PMS, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disorders.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity, is being increasingly diagnosed and prescribed in tandem with depression. Yet many mental disorders have common roots and respond to very similar natural treatments.
Body and mind: it's time to treat them like partners in your health.

Secret #1:

Heal the body; the MIND will follow.

Secret #2:

Nourish the body and mind with
nature, nutrition, exercise, and meditation.

Does this describe you?

Check the box if you (or a loved one) frequently experience any of the following:

Lack of interest and pleasure in nearly all daily activities
Noted loss or gain or appetite/weight
Insomnia or sleeping all the time
Feeling so tired it's difficult to do all those daily activities that take so much energy let alone exercise
Feeling keyed-up or on edge
Intense fatigue Feeling guilty or worthless
Can't concentrate or make a decision
Suffer from phobias that disrupt activities or relationships
Excessive worry about everything—large or small—at least 50% of the time

These are clinical criteria for diagnosing depression or anxiety disorders.

You Don't Need to Be One of the Statistics

Depression and anxiety disorders are at epidemic proportions—you're not alone. Sometimes it seems there are few options for real help. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications give a little relief but whoa, all those side effects. Therapy can help, or it can go nowhere.
Our culture promotes an image of the "perfect person." Always busy and productive, social and smiling. Stiff upper lip, no problems. But that's not real life.

Yet BALANCE of mind, body, and spirit is possible.
so that YOU decide how to live your life.

Meet your coach for the Natural Mind process:

Sue Westwind, Holistic Mental Health Coach

Sue and Nattie

Sue Westwind is a Holistic Mental Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education and Master's in Religious Studies. For several years she operated a private therapy practice utilizing hypnotherapy, bodywork, and transpersonal counseling. Sue founded the Heartland chapter of Safe Harbor International, a clearinghouse for education about alternative mental health.

Sue battled rapid-cycling depression and anxiety for three decades, stricken by constant migraines and chronic fatigue. Key for her healing was discovering how food allergies and other gut problems were making her sick in body and mind.

After adopting an infant later diagnosed with autism, Sue and her husband used nutrition and environmental medicine to bring their daughter back into speech and sociability. This inspired Sue to adapt her child's remedies to cure her own chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and migraines. She chronicles this and other health journeys at

Sue's story: I grew up with a suicidal, depressed grandmother and a schizophrenic brother. When I ran away from home in my teens, my family decided the family disease had descended, and I was packed off to a mental hospital. On my own as an adult, for the next three decades I struggled with depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue and horrible migraines-going from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist, with no relief. I even became a therapist and enjoyed working with people, always trying to learn more to help myself. Then my husband and I adopted a baby, later diagnosed with autism. Using vitamins, supplements, a special diet and detox, she made it to speech and sociability. When I used her remedies on myself, in no time the results completely released me from my private hell! Goodbye depression, migraines, anxiety and weight gain. ENERGY, CLARITY and OPTIMISM were the brand-new friends I made, and they've been at my side ever since.

Newly Released: my book, LUNACY LOST: A MEMOIR OF GREEN MENTAL HEALTH tells the full story and how I regained health. Buy the book here.

Many Work the Natural Mind Process
And Reap The Benefits Daily

You need a plan that:

"It was fantastic to learn about mental health from a holistic perspective. Sue really put her heart and soul into the 8-week presentation. I liked it so much that I signed up for the follow-up class! I found a kindred spirit in Sue; we think and approach life in very similar ways." --Annie Stevens, massage therapist, energy practitioner

Clarity, Energy, And Optimism:
The Threefold Prize

The NATURAL MIND course, is a coordinated effort between integrative health practitioners and life coaches who've walked in your shoes. It aims to be a comprehensive solution. It's a tool bag for taking apart depression and anxiety with practical info on nutrients, diet changes, exercise made easy, meditation, nature, and more.

This is a scientific, holistic, and compassionate approach that builds a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.
This course aims to provide the most helpful resources and referrals to assist you. Not a treatment program, Natural Mind is a psycho-educational course designed to lay out all the tools and coach you or your loved one toward mental wellness.
Not therapy, coaching focuses on helping you make a plan to beat this thing. Focus on the future—the reality of the body and the difference it makes or breaks when it comes to the mind.

Natural Mind is sponsored by an Advisory Board of professionals from this region and beyond who are experts in holistic care. You will meet some of them when they come to share information and encouragement!


Natural Mind Advisory Board

Ed Bloch, LSCSW, Co-Director, Life Enrichment Center
Jena Bloch, LCMFT, Co-Director, Life Enrichment Center
Hilary Brown, Local Burger—natural foods restaurateur, nutrition educator
Michael Brown, ND, DAN certified
Hyla Cass, MD, author—Supplement Your Prescription
Staci Hendrickson MS,RD,LD
Lisa Everett, Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Alicia Johnson, ND, KC Holistic Centre
Yvonne Keeny, Executive Director, Fibromyalgia Coalition International
Farhang Khosh, ND, Natural Medical Care
Kelly Murphy-Boule, Hypnotherapist, Hypno-nutritionist
Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC; Counselor at Kansas City Holistic Centre
Corey Priest, D.C., Wellness Dimensions
Sherree Ross, Holistic Health Counselor, AADP
Dan Stradford, Founder, Safe Harbor International Center

Picture life after you know the real roots of your depression, anxiety, ADD, and are ready for a change:

A Special Note To Spouses, Relatives, Friends:
What if the person you care for is consumed by emotional distress but refuses a new approach? With tools from the Natural Mind course, you'll feel renewed in your ability to help. Learning the art and science behind nutrient, lifestyle and thought-pattern changes, you'll be inspired.
Use the work for yourself or for the person you love, and discover insights about the body-mind that make sense for everyone.

Parents, This Is For You:
Medical knowledge is shifting to grasp the common roots of attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, autism, depression, and anxiety. The sharp rise in children diagnosed with these conditions is astounding—Dr. Kenneth Bock calls them "the new childhood epidemics." Depression (1 in 33 kids) and anxiety disorders (10% of all children over the age of six) were unheard of until very recent times.
Research shows that answers to our children's struggles are similar to those for adults: look to nutrition, spend time in nature, mindfully approach situations and other people. Kids can learn too!
Your Natural Mind coach has extensive experience using a wide array of natural treatments with an autistic child. While any course of action is best taken under the care of a professional in pediatrics, your coach can refer you to some good sources.

Here's what you'll have access to with the Natural Mind course:

NOW EXPANDED to A FULL 9 WEEKS of Support, Knowledge, And Coaching!
  • A 9-week course in how to use nutrients, make lifestyle changes, and incorporate meditation and nature to give the boot to depression and/or anxiety. Research has shown it takes 21 days to lock in new habits. Now we've added another week to fully explore these important topics.
  • Easy to find locations & parking: downtown Lawrence or the Plaza in Kansas City.
  • Experts & authors from the fields of clinical psychology, family practice, holistic psychiatry, naturopathy, holistic health counseling, and energy medicine on the advisory board
  • Textbook from a three-time best-selling author, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD. The UltraMind Solution is yours to keep as part of the course. (You'd pay $16 at a bookstore).
  • The Natural Mind Workbook for crafting goals and tracking progress by Sue Westwind ($35 value).
  • Small Group support and the chance to connect with others on the same path.
  • Your own personal Natural Mind plan

Take the course and discover:

  • Up-to-date views on the body-mind connection. New information compatible with therapy and medication, these nutrient and lifestyle changes are not usually heard about in the doctor or counselor's office.
  • Local and regional guest speakers from the cutting edge—the direction healthcare is heading.
  • Readings, resources, referrals. How to find the information and the professionals—and how to make them work for you.
  • Preventative health care. Getting at the roots of emotional distress in the body does a whole lot more than cover up symptoms. Studies show relapse rates are much lower when natural means are used.
  • Nutrition like you've never heard it before. Go beyond the Major Food Groups and yet another diet promising the moon.
  • Lose the shame. Learning to view how you feel as a nutrient deficiency, environmental toxicity, food intolerance, or lack of exercise . . . releases the stigma associated with mood and anxiety disorders. Is there really such a thing as a purely "mental" illness?
  • A peaceful practice to sustain you through the worst of hard times. Mindful meditation is just that—and so easy to learn. For others, centering practices shared by our guest expert will be the ticket.
  • The lowdown on such key topics for mental wellness as methylation, thyroid health, neurotransmitters and more. Straight-talk put simply, safely and effectively.

To find joy again, to understand and accept your body, to integrate meditation and spend time in nature………

This course strives to put cutting-edge tools easily within reach. You want to be done with depression, anxiety, and brain fog—I know I did, and looked everywhere until I discovered that mind, body and spirit must truly work as equal partners. The Natural Mind process fits together the pieces in a way that's easy to understand, is do-able, and comes with built-in materials to help you follow up.

How much would it be worth to be free of depression, anxious thoughts and have sharp focus again, to feel good about getting up in the morning, energetic and ready to engage with the day, having a good feeling in your body? Yes, we know these things are priceless, but we also know the solution needs to be affordable.

For less than $28 a week, you can change your life—feel optimistic, clear, and energetic. That's less than we typically spend in a week to soothe and comfort ourselves with fast food, cigarettes, sweets, or a glass of wine.

Want to learn the Natural Mind process?

check_medblue1Yes, l want to learn the Natural Mind process!

New format! Natural Mind study group forming: same material as the full course, but more informal and interactive, for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE. Send email to for information & dates.

The cost for the course is $249 to receive all of this (see green box above to save money!):

  • 9-weeks of support & detailed instruction
  • UltraMind Solution book ($16 in the bookstores)
  • Guest speakers from the integrative medical community
  • The Natural Mind Workbook ($35 value)
  • A personalized plan to beat depression & anxiety
  • Wholesome, allergen-free munchies from local vendors
  • And hope for a much brighter future!

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Every human being is entitled to

Sure, "life happens," and challenges will strike. But mental wellness is a birthright, and the more you care for your body-mind the natural way, the better equipped you are to take on adversity. We hope you'll join us.

To your Natural Mind,

Sue Westwind, Holistic Mental Health Coach
& the guest experts in natural medicine from your community